King Khalid Exhibition

His mother is AlJawhara bint Musaed bin Jalawi bin Turki AlSaud Born in Riyadh in 1913, and passed away in Taif on Sunday 14/6/1982 He was the fourth king of Saudi Arabia in the chain of kings starting from the founder of Saudi Arabia, the late King AbdulAziz bin AbdulRahman AlSaud

He was named the Crown Prince in 1965 after his elder brother Prince Mohammed bin AbdulAziz declined to become king. The people of Saudi Arabia expressed their allegiance unanimously and were very pleased with his appointment. He became the King of Saudi Arabia after the assassination of late King Faisal on 25/3/1975, after securing the support of the elders in the Royal Family, namely HRH Prince Abdullah bin AbdulRahman, HRH Prince Muhammad bin AbdulAziz, HRH Prince Nasir bin AbdulAziz, HRH Prince Sa'ad bin AbdulAziz, HRH Prince Fahd bin AbdulAziz and HRH Prince Abdullah bin AbdulAziz. King Khalid's reign lasted for seven years until he passed away in 1982. He has four sons, namely, Prince Bandar, Prince Abdullah, Prince Faisal and Prince Fahd who passed away very young. He has six daughters, namely, Princess AlJawhara, Princess Nouf, Princess Moudi, Princess Hussa, Princess AlBandari and Princess Mishael. He occupied many important positions before his coronation, including: 1927: Appointed as the Deputy to King Faisal in Al-Hijaz. 1934: Appointed as representative for his father (King AbdulAziz) and head of the committee which was responsible for settlement of border disputes between Saudi Arabia and Yemen. 1954: Appointed as the Vice-President of the Deputies Council. 1962: Appointed by late King Saud as the First Deputy to the Council of Ministers. 1965: Appointed by late King Faisal as the Crown Prince. 1966: Appointed as the President of the Deputies Council. 1970: Became the Deputy Chief of Staff. 25/3/1975: Became the King of Saudi Arabia. 1975 - 1982: King Khalid's reign lasted for seven years until he passed away in 1982.