King Khalid Exhibition

Combined with the customs and traditions of his ancestors, Islamic values were integral to King Khalid’s way of life, even in his hobbies. Horse riding and falconry are deeply rooted in the AlSaud family. History tells us that the passion for horse riding of King Khalid, Prince Mohammed as well as other princes can be attributed to their mother Princess AlJawhara bint Musaed bin Jalawi who was very fond of horse riding and breeding. As a result, she maintained a stable within the Palace in Riyadh. She also hired the best Najdi horse riders in order to train cavalry who in turn contributed significantly in King AbdulAziz quests to unify Saudi Arabia.

In addition to riding, King Khalid was a lover of falconry, and he took every available opportunity to drive into the desert to enjoy his hobby. King Khalid's desert trips, however, were also an opportunity for him to get in touch with desert nomads (Bedouins) whom he looked after and cared for. King Khalid ordered the fulfillment of their various social needs and other requirements. Many water wells, roads, hospitals and schools were built as a result of King Khalid’s desert trips.